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Non-Conforming Mortgage Products

Currently the non-conforming market is extremely limited in products and lenders willing to lend businesses the money they need to survive however we still have some lenders who are active in this market.

Key Product selling points of our Commercial Mortgage Products

  • 60% loan to value against the freehold value
  • 25 year term
  • Interest only term
  • Self certification
  • No business plans required
  • Previous credit problems can be catered for LTV may be limited

Key Purpose Selling Points

  • Client can use the capital they raise for any purpose
  • This could provide vital refurbishment, machinery, stock or the capital to expand their business (what will be relevant to the customers sector? What is their business? Is there something they are currently looking to achieve in their business? Could their property help them raise the capital they need?
  • They could use the funds to restructure their finances and repay any short term commitments they may have. This could include credit cards bills, bank overdrafts, vat or tax bills and even supplier demands they may currently have.

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