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Thousands of people are unable to pay their tax on time, and many have sleepless nights worrying about going bankrupt, losing their home or job, or even going to prison. Through Tax Issues we could help, solving your unpaid tax worries and helping you regain control of your finances.

  • Unpaid Income Tax?
  • Overdue with PAYE?
  • Behind with VAT?
  • Overlooked Capital Gains Tax?

These are just several instances that many UK taxpayers are suffering from late/non payment of tax. Dealing with HMRC or Customs & Excise can be a struggle when an individual or Limited Company are behind on the repayment of their outstanding tax liabilities. Often, there is simply nowhere to turn to for help...until now.

Tax Issues can alleviate the tax burden that thousands of UK taxpayers are now faced with.

Tax Issues can get you back in control

For many taxpayers, particularly the self-employed, a dramatic change in circumstances can often cause financial difficulty. Anyone in financial difficulty will try to cut back on their outgoings. However, failure to manage this effectively often results in a downward spiral of credit card debts and larger loans, which quickly become out of control.

Things can then go downhill from there, leaving you not only missing payments to your credit commitments but also to priority debts such as your mortgage; this can all escalate towards the late payment of taxes.
Unfortunately, tax liabilities are a legal priority and are amongst the main debts people struggle with when they encounter financial problems. The encouraging thing is that we could help you avoid any further legal action being taken, and could put you back on track with your finances.

Tax Issues can assist you in managing your outstanding tax liabilities as well as your credit commitments, giving you total peace of mind. Our highly trained specialist team of advisors are on hand to discuss your situation in the strictest of confidence. They will take you through a brief financial questionnaire to determine the best solution to your situation. We offer a wide range of options, tailored to your individual or business requirements.

We are able to negotiate with HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) on the outstanding tax liabilities and assist you in agreeing acceptable, affordable monthly installments moving forward. For further information on our range of services, or for a free consultation with an advisor regarding outstanding tax liabilities please call us on 0845 260 22 10  to discuss your the options available to you.

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